12 GIFT IDEAS for Freelancers

Holidays is around the corner. Thinking about gifts doesn’t need to be stressful enough for people who are working on a different time zones and a reversed body clock.

If you are a freelancer or wanting to give gift to a freelancer, here are the gift ideas I have compiled so you can save in the decision making process.

  • Ebook

One way to keep entertained a bookworm during travel is through an ebook. The portability of an ebook can be accessed by any media device (mobile, tablet or kindle).

  • Book

Nothing beats a fine print! Books is great way to escape outside the virtual world.

  • Mini Fan

When everything seems tense during a meeting or interview, a mini fan will keep that sweat from dripping.

  • Spotify Subscription

Music is the only thing that relates to what we are feeling. Surely, the recipient wouldn’t say no to a Spotify subscription.

  • Plant

Green represents the color of the environment and abundance. A low maintenance indoor plant will add color to the ambiance and will make the air cleaner (a natural humidifier).

  • Online Course

Freelancers need to update their skills every six months as technology always upgrades its algorithm and systems. An informative online class subscription at Coursera or Skill Success starts at 39-49 USD per month.

  • Gift Voucher

Everyone has their own preferences. To save money and commute to a physical store, it is best to purchase a voucher to let the recipient choose their item.

  • External Hard Drive

Digital files is an important asset! Always back up your files not just on cloud but in an external hard drive.

  • Humidifier

Obviously, a freelancer’s house is both an abode and workspace. To help calm with intense deadlines and tasks, humidifiers helps to calm senses.

  • Vacuum

Smart robot vacuum cleaners detects dust, hair and dirt on unreachable places. No need to hire a stranger just to make the house squeaky clean.

  • Coffee Maker

We cannot function well if there isn’t any caffeine dosage starting the day. Whether a reliable french press, coffee maker or machine will do the its job!

  • Smart Pot

Don’t expect a decent cooked meal from a freelancer. But a smart pot is a one heaven-sent device for faster cooking and just-put-all-the-ingredients-and-voila-we-are-done-cooking method.

If you have any suggestions, just comment down below for more ideas!

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